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tv   Newsline  LINKTV  November 20, 2015 5:00am-5:31am PST

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hostages at the hotel, and two security guards were injured in the attack friday. islamic militants took control of the country in 2012. that prompted a french-led militarynterveion in 2013. we'll keep you updated as more details come in. prosecutors have confirmed that the suspected master mind of the paris terrorist attacks was killed went. e.u. officials will meet to discuss to improve intelligence activities to ensure such attacks do not occur again. the french interior minister said abooud was in greece, but they failed to provide information on his movements ahead of time. they will convene a meeting on friday in brussels.
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>> translator: europe, the one we love and that we have built must do everything to beat terrorism, that's the message i'll be taking to brussels tomorrow. >> he said france will look into his exact roles in the attacks. abaaud is set to be part of the division that sees attacks outside their self-proclaimed territory. we report on the events that led to the police raid near paris. >> reporter: when authorities sifted through the rubble of a raid in paris saint-denirgs s, they found a man they looked for for months. they suspected him the leer of a terrorist organization that operated throughout europe. >> translator: of the six
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attacks avoided or foiled by the french intelligence services since the spring of 2015, he appears to have been involved in four of them. >> reporter: he admitted that french authorities have been unaware of his where abouts before the assaults. he's known to have been involved in four thwarted terrorist plots. they include a massive planned targeting police foiled in eastern belgium in january, and a planned attack by an algae ya man in a church in paris in april. the name has surfaced in connection with a shooting that took place in northern france august 22 opening fire on a high speed train headed from amsterdam to paris wounding two passengers. investigators say a man they interrogated in august admitted he was planning to carry out a terrorist attack in france or elsewhere in europe under his
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instructions. the man was obtained after undergoing training in syria. the man had received detailed instructions on targeting crowded locations like concert halls where the death toll would be high. in july, a belgium court sentenced him to 20 years in prison. members can travel e.u. countries without restrictions, but each country oversees their own counterterrorism operations, making it difficult for officials to communicate about potential threats. observers say insufficient information sharing may have contributed to the latest attack. more than 10,000 foreign nationals have gone to syria to join the islamic military state group, and many are from europe. some fear these foreign fighters will return to their countries to carry out attacks at home.
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nhk world. thank you. the husband of a young woman who died in the paris attacks wrote a letter to the killers and posted it on line. millions of people around the world have read the message p translated from french into other languages. he lost his wife, 35-year-old, in the shooting rampage at the concert hall last week. she left behind a 17 month old son. he says, he will not give the militants the gift of hating them since responding to hatred with anger would be to give in to the same ignorance that made them what nay are. he says he and his son will be stronger than every army in the world and play like every other day without wasting more time on the killers. he says his son will be happy and free all his life and will
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never succumb to hatrehatred. >> the group reportedly planned to launch attacks in the g20 summit in turkey where world leaders gathered earlier this week in antayia. the militant group planned to carry out suicide bombings in hotels where leaders were saying and sightseeing facilities in the city. turkey is cracking down on members of the islamic state group and its supporters. republican lawmakers in the u.s. want to put the brakes on president obama's plan to accept more refugees. they say terrists disguised as refugees could slip in the country, and the house of representatives passed a bill to suspend the plan. >> the nays are 137, the bill
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passed. >> the house overwhelmingly passed the republican drafted bill. it was divided on party lines with 47 democrats voting in favor. the legislation would bar refugees from syria and iraq from entering the country until the fbi and other intelligence agencies certify that they are not threats. the bill now goes to the senate. >> this is an important first step, but we need to do more, not just about the refugees, but in the fight against isis. >> the president condemned the bills passage calling republicans irresponsible say slamming the door in refugee betrays our values, and president obama says he will veto the legislation. his administration said in september the u.s. would accept at least 10,000 syria refugees over the next year. now gene otani joins us from the business desk for the business headlines, gene? >> thanks, james.
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members of the asia pacific cooperation wrapped up meetings in manila, discussing regional trade and growth, economic integration in free trade was high on the agenda. here's more. >> reporter: after two days of talks, e 21 leaders adopted a declaration to further integrate member economies and create a free trade area. >> we have adopted strategy for accepting quality dwrogrowth, a frame work that provides robust, comprehensive, and structural reforms in five years. >> reporter: they say they should promote undertaking such as two current pacts. one is the u.s. led tpp, transpacific partnership. apec leaders say it could be a pathway to an asia pacific free trade zone. they reached a broad agreement
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last month, and 12 leaders from the tpp nations worked on realizing the pact on the sidelines of the apec81íc meeti. anothern; icc:curnation regiona comprehensive economic partnership that c includes chi. the details have not been set, but apec leaders are encouraging and early completion of negotiations. some experts view ongoing regional partnerships as a steppingstone to the creation of an asia pacific free trade area, but one says it'll be tough for leaders to agree. >> the challenge, of course, with multiple regional agreements is they overlap the, you know, my former boss, bank of japan governor, referred to the noodle bowl of asia of trade agreements in the asia pacific and executing overlapping regional trade agreements is a
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challenge. >> reporter: apec is increasing its presence in the world as many countries in southeast asia maintain high economic growth. the creation of the huge free tradarea in the region will have a big impact on the global economy. now apec leaders need to promote dialogue in order to achieve that goal. nhk world manila. >> the tpp is creating anxieties for some people in member countries. japan and the u.s. agreed to strengthen agricultural countries to cushion the effect of the large free trade deal on farmers. japan's agriculture minister met u.s. agriculture secretary, tom vilsack in tokyo stressing importance of the agreement, but said there is still room to grow. >> translator: our countries need to take the initiative to further expand the tpp.
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>> vilsack said american farmers like their japanese counterparts are concerned about the changes the tpp will bring. >> it will require both of us to ensure that our peoples understand the beauty and responsibility of tpp. >> both agree to work closely together to put the deal into effect. it's time to check on the markets. tokyo shares edged up friday with the nikkei scaled to another three month high. before the details, we go to our business reporter at the tokyo stock exchange. >> japanese exporters lost ground after the dollar dipped below 123 in tokyo trading hours, but markets wipe out earlier losses after headlines raced for a corporate tax cut here in japan. let's look at the closing levels friday, november 20th. markets choppy, but managed to stay in thezv positive for four days in a row. the nikkei closed at a fresh
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three month high at 19879, and topix popped positive last minute closing at 1600 level. for the week, nikkei rose 1.4% with the fifth week for gain so there's a chance to hit 20,000. earlier today, headlines suggestsed that economic revitalization minister suggested it's okay to cut corporate tax to beef up the japanese economy. that lifted investors' sentiment, but a stronger yen was a drag on automotives. sharp outshined them after the television business will be profitable next year, so sharp is up 4.75%. renaissance electronics gained momentum after reports said a german chip maker is interested in investing in the japanese
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semiconductor maker, so renaissance soared more than 10% on that report. tokyo markets will be closed on monday, so i'll see you back on tuesday. reporting from the tokyo stock exchange. >> thanks. moving on to other markets in the asia pacific region. the shanghai added nearly .4% closing at 3630. investors cheered by the central bank's additional easing measure to lower lending rates for banks. taiex was lower by .14%, cautious before the release of the export orders for october. they fella-ç for a seventh consecutive month. in other marketings, hong kong gained 1% led by energy and i.t. sectors, and sydney extended gains to a fourth day and finished up .25% after three
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weeks of losses. here's a look at other business stories we are following. a panel of japan's main ruling democratic party has begun discussing tax reforms for the next fiscal year. the cop tents are expected to be outlined by early next month. the panel is expected to recommend lowering the corporate tax rate from the current 32.11%. prime minister shinzo abe favors cutting it below 30%. a japanese public private fund is reportedly buying stake in a u.s. company promoting a high speed rail line connecting dallas and houston. analysts say the multimillion dollar investment is a step forward tor japan's rail industry amid intensifying global competition. a major theme at the apec meeting in manila was the tpp. the agreement would remove tariffs between member countries and create new opportunities for business. companies across asia are witnessing some effects from the agreement even though the free
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trade deal has yet to come into force. nhk world reports from hong kong. >> reporter: dongguan in southern china helped build the country's reputation as the factory of the world. the city was once home to a large number of electronics manufacturers, and of garmin factories, but many firms are now pulling out. a major hong kong based clothing manufacturer operates this factory. it produces shirts and other items for upsail u.s. and european brands. 1600 people are working here, but the company made a decision to shut down the factory next year. the garment maker decided to shut down one of two production bases in the city. some assembly lines have already
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been dismantled. in the mean time, company is increasing investment in vietnam, a member of the tpp. a new factory there will be completed next month. a company plans to employ 5,000 workers in the factory and more than double production in vietnam. raja lee is the company's ceo saying the tpp was an added bonus for his investment plan in vietnam. 80% of his firm's products are exported to the united states. he says the u.s. imposes a nearly 20% hike on those items, but goods made in vietnam, well, they are skracrapped once the t is in effect.
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>> for tpp, when we plan to invest further in vietnam, we knew there were negotiations going on for tpp so customers will be happy to move production to vietnam. >> reporter: the company currently uses chinese textiles in garments exported to the u.s. under tpp, tariffs remain in place from apparel made from textile manufacturers in nonmember countries such as china, so lee decided to source more textiles from malaysia that signed on to their free trade pact and plans to build a textile factory in vietnam to concentrate a full range of operations from procurement to production and shipment within the tpp zone. since labor costs in vietnam are less than half those in china, lee thinks more companies will follow his example.
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>> so i definitely think the supply chain changes because more and more people see business opportunities to set up textile mills, thread factories in tpp countries. i think that will continue to happen. >> reporter: officials in hong kong say the impact of the tpp is spreading to other industries as well. >> quite a number of those could be in the industries looking for the favorable terms to be offered by the tpp. tpp is definitely one positive effect behind that. footwear the same, garments the same. other than these two, some electroni electronics. >> reporter: as the wall of tariffs fall under the tpp, it will create fresh opportunities for member countries and the companies that operate there as well as new challenges for the places that are left behind.
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nhk world, hong kong. >> and that's it for business news. i'm going to leave you with the markets. a u.n. committee doomadopte resolution denouncing the human rights violations, referring to the situation in the country to the international criminal court. japan and the european union cotabled the resolution to the third committee of the u.n. general assembly, composed of all states, expressing serious
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concerns on torture, public executions, and other inhuman punishments. it says that human rights violations in north korea may constitute crimes against humanity and calls for sanctions against those responsible. the committee adopted the resolution with 112myñ votes in favor. north korea and 18 other countries voted against it. >> to draft a resolution, it remits a product of political and military confrontation as well as plot and conspiracy of the united states and other hostile forces-x+gainst the dpr. >> japanese foreign minister welcomed the adoption of the resolution. >> translator: i earnestly hope it will lead to an early resolution of the abduction issue and an improvement of the human rights situation in north korea. we will continue to demand that pyongyang takegu concrete actio.
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>> the japanese government says north korean agents kidnapped at least 17japanese nationals in the 1970s and '80s. 12 of them are still unaccounted for. a small gift has been delivered to america from japan to mark the 70th anniversary of the end of the world war ii. a library dedicated to harry s. truman is the recipient of a crane. she was 2 when exposed to radiation from the bombing of hiroshimo and later developed lieu keep ya and herd a legend that if a person folds a thousand cranes they will be granted a wish. she folded hundreds before dying at the age of 12. he brother traveled to truman's home state of missouri to hand one of the cranes to the head of the presidential library.
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as president, truman authorized the use of aawe tommic bombs in japan in the clong days of world war ii. he worked with truman's grandson to plan the donation. >> translator: we've agreed to work together to educate the next generation so that they will better understand what happened in the past. >> daniel expressed appreciation for the donation and his gratitude for coming all the way from japan. the two worked together to donate another crane to a facility in hawaii commemorating victims of the pearl harbor attack. >> we all make mistakes, and honoring each other's mistakes and understanding why, and real thing is to understand why we do what we do, how we got in trouble in the first place, so that we learn from those
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mistakes. >> they will continue to work together to raise awareness in the united states of the plight of a-bomb survivors. you're watching "newsline" live from the studios here in tokyo, and we have a weather update starting with the united states. johnathan? >> hello, yes, severe storms in the southern plains and central portions of the united states as we went through the first part of this week. you can see the power of the particular front over on the eastern side of the united the front continued to bring a lot of rainfall, and it's now finally pushing off the coast earlier this week. it was bringing storms and numerous tornado reports for the southern plains, and now we're seeing more of a wintery weather variety as we go into the weekend. here's a low pressure system moving out of the rockies moving into places like the dakotas and iowa, and we are looking at the first
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significant snowfall for the season to take place as we go through friday and into saturday. some areas may see up to 25 centimeters of snowfall in the time period pushing into chicago and the great lakes. it's a big deal for nebraska going forward in time. further west, a bit of a break from vancouver all the way down into los angeles after a very wet situation for the past couple days in seattle. talking real flooding problems. that is starting to dry out. 7 for the high in seattle, 6 in vancouver, 29 in los angeles. to the east, sunnier skies as the front clears the coast. we are talking about cooler temperatures, look at the highs here, 12 in washington, d.c., 13 in new york, and we saw temperatures 20 earlier this week. that's a bit of a drop with the high temperatures, so be prepared to bundle up in the
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evening hours where temperatures are in the single digits. looking at the forecast for europe, we are talking about snowfall. this time over in the british isles, specifically in the northern portions of the united kingdom. we have a low that's driving in some very cold air with plenty of moisture looking at some places up to 10 centimeters of snowfall in the higher elevations. prepare for a wintery typesetup going forward in time for friday and saturday. in the south, we have an unstable line of moisture, and so that's bringing in rain, and it's going to be a prolonged period of rainfall going into the weekend. some areas in the alps may see snowfall so we're looking at this persistent pattern going not only for friday, but also into the weekend. rain for paris, into vienna, war s s saw, kiev, and paris. wet weather saturday into sunday, dealing with snowfall in london and zurich into saturday.
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east asia has a low pressure system from the sea of japan bringing cloud cover and also some showers. earlier, we also had some snow reported into beijing friday morning, and now we are seeing a drier pattern, but the rain is expected to linger over japan in terms of the northern areas as we go into the weekend. now a typhoon in the south i wanted to point out. this is a strong typhoon for the moment, expected to be a very strong typhoon as we go into saturday. while it's not expected to make direct land fall over gua mrgm, there's significant impact, high waves taking place on saturday into sunday as well. be prepared for an active weather scenario as we go through the weekend and looking at the forecast for saturday, looking at partly cloudy skies in tokyo, but rain for shanghai down to hong kong throughout the day. hope you have a good day wherever you are. ú
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," you are watching "france 24 with me, claire pryde. gunmen killed at least three people and take many more hostage at the radisson hotel in the malian capital of bamako. holdinterior ministers emergency talks on tightening border checks. this after the killing of the alleged organizer of the paris attacks in


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